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The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford offers free and confidential pregnancy tests that are lab quality tests just like the ones you’d get in a doctor’s office or hospital. Home pregnancy tests are usually very accurate, but not always. Your health, as well as your baby’s health, is very important. If your test with us is positive, we can talk about scheduling an ultrasound to see if you have a viable pregnancy and for you to learn exactly how far along you are. These are the first important steps before moving forward.

The hormones in your body that result in a positive pregnancy test can’t be detected until 9 to 11 days after fertilization. You need to wait until after that period of time to call and we’ll get you in for a test.

We want to make sure we have a special time set aside to talk with you so it’s usually best to have an appointment. Feel free to stop in if that’s not possible.

We try to schedule anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes for each appointment. This helps us get to know you, your unique situation and your specific needs so we can determine how to best help you.

To protect your confidentiality, you’ll need to bring your valid photo ID. A driver’s license or student ID will work.

We understand needing friends during times like this, so feel free to bring someone along. We want to be there for you, too, and most often, we meet with a client alone first before bringing her friend in. However, we always want you to do what feels comfortable to you!

Even though it’s rare, it is possible to get pregnant on the pill. It’s important to know if you are pregnant, so you should definitely come in for a test. If it’s positive, we can schedule you for a free ultrasound.

There are options available for people who need care even if they don’t have insurance. The Pregnancy Care Center will provide you with a free pregnancy test. If it’s positive, we can perform an ultrasound and provide a pregnancy verification form that can be used for Medicaid application at Health and Human Services.

The Pregnancy Care Center only provides free ultrasounds to verify pregnancy and determine how far along you are. If you already know you’re pregnant and are under a doctor’s care, then we can offer you many other supportive services, but no further medical care.

The purpose of the ultrasounds we offer is to confirm a pregnancy after a positive pregnancy test. We don’t provide ultrasounds just to determine the sex of the baby.

The Pregnancy Care Center provides male mentoring for soon-to-be dads. Our trained male mentors are down to earth guys who can talk through the questions, fears and concerns that most young dads face. We also offer a fatherhood class to help men prepare to be the best dad they can be.

The Pregnancy Care Center has two full stocked baby boutiques full of diapers, clothing, blankets, equipment, etc. Every time you come to your appointment or to a class, you receive practical resources to provide for your baby. We also provide one-time emergency packs when appropriate.

The process of recovering from an abortion is different for everyone. The Pregnancy Care Center offers sensitive and confidential support for women who have terminated one or more pregnancies and men who have been involved with an abortion, whether it was a recent abortion or took place many years ago. Please contact us if you have questions about our post abortion care.

The Pregnancy Care Center is here no matter what choices you’ve made. Sometimes that means simply listening. We want to offer what you need to find healing and hope in order to move forward. Simply call or email to learn more about what that care might look like for you.

The Pregnancy Care Center offers STD testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. We feel it’s important to offer counseling and information about treatment and protection.

Condoms do not eliminate the risk of STDs and pregnancy; they merely reduce the risk. To learn more about STDs, make an appointment to talk with one of our mentors.

The Pregnancy Care Center doesn’t offer the morning-after pill or Plan B. If you are considering taking the morning-after pill, it’s important for you to understand the risks involved and to rule out pregnancy from any previous sexual activity. If that’s a possibility for you, or you would like to be more informed, feel free to schedule an appointment.

We don’t provide or refer for contraceptives.

First of all, no matter what the circumstances were, rape or sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault. Our mentors are here to support you and can help you get connected to immediate professional help from one of our community partners. The same is true if you find yourself in a relationship that is abusive or in which you feel trapped or are being trafficked. We are here to support you and assist you in finding any additional help you need.

Option Line is available 24/7 by calling 800.712.HELP or texting 313131. You can also jump onto their website to search for a center in your area that can assist you.